Who to follow to better understand the Jewish angles of Ukraine’s war

The war in Ukraine is playing out in real time on social media.

The war in Ukraine is playing out in real time on social media. Jewish leaders, organizations and journalists are giving us an idea as to what life is looking like in the war torn country.

Ukraine’s Jewish president, Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is actively tweeting updates to the world. Zelensky is Jewish and has brought up his upbringing during the war.

For a more intimate look at the Zelensky family before the war his wife Olena’s Instagram is still active.

Humanitarian efforts

Joel Lion is Israel’s former ambassador to Ukraine is in the region helping coordinate relief efforts.

The Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) is a Jewish humanitarian organization with staff all over the world, including on the ground in Ukraine.

Yaacov Behrman is actively tweeting about the evacuations of Jewish communities in Ukraine.

Israel’s diplomatic efforts

Lahav Harkov is the diplomatic correspondent for the Jerusalem Post.

Tweeting in English and Hebrew, Tal Schneider is the Political Correspondent for the Times of Israel.


Lt. Col Alexander Vindman (ret.) is the former director for European affairs for the United States National Security Council. Vindman made headlines for being a whistleblower, testifying on former President Donald Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s then newly elected president. Vindman was born to Jewish parents in Soviet Ukraine and grew up in Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach neighborhood.

Yair Rosenberg is the writer of the “DEEP SHTETL” newsletter at The Atlantic.

John Kunza is publisher of Unpacked and a former foreign news producer for NBC News.

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