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The Jewish community in Ukraine is still in desperate, constant need of our help.
Rabbi Goldschmidt is not the first rabbi to flee Russia since the invasion of Ukraine.
“I believe that Adolf Hitler also had Jewish blood,” the Russian Foreign Minister said.
This year we identify with the people of Ukraine who seek security, peace and freedom to choose their own destiny.
Social media posts suggest Israel is sitting the war out but is that true?
“It was very spur of the moment because we had a packed itinerary planned, but we said, ‘let’s put [our plans] on the side for a second because people need help.’”
“We see mostly women, children and toddlers, some with bags and suitcases and their cats and dogs, and they are on their own in this flight out of Ukraine,” Polonsky said.
“We were also thinking about Purim and about Putin as this sort of modern-day Haman.”
Ukraine is home to one of the world’s largest Jewish communities and its historical roots run deep.
The war in Ukraine is playing out in real time on social media.

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