The team behind Unpacked

John Kunza, Publisher

A career journalist working for some of the biggest names in the industry, John took an adult gap year and somehow ended up being a chef on a kibbutz in Israel. Obsessions include all things hummus and herring… the intersection of Judaism, philosophy, and spirituality… and how mass media can make the world a better place.

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Noam Weissman, Executive Vice President

Jewish educator, with a background in educational psychology, strange obsession with producing curricula, comparing the best kosher pizzas out there (yes, there are some) and assuring there is always a dip next to his food, and of course, using the word “nuanced.” Noam ran a high school, founded a curriculum company, is the head of OpenDor Media’s content, but is most proud of his mediocre high school basketball career. And, of course he loves his family.

Enon Avital, Creative Director

Enon is a celebrated designer whose work has been featured by the likes of Google and Instagram. He comes to Unpacked with over sixteen years’ experience in visual design, user-experience interactions, data analytics, coding, and development. You can find him during his spare time making pocket notebooks by hand, and designing Hebrew lettering artwork out of food.


Gavi Lazan, YouTube Channel Manager/Producer/Editor

Gavi makes things, specifically videos. A graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, he is a documentary filmmaker and cinematographer.

Baruch Goldberg, Video Editor

Baruch began his career in theater, in a circle of idealistic dreamers looking to make the world a better place (and have some fun). He’s worked on most of Open Dor Media’s documentaries, and prior to that helped an artist create a family of plush characters designed to empower children. Baruch arrived in Israel many years ago for a brief visit following a detour through Syria and Jordan. And he’s still there.

Abigail Ellis, Social Media Manager

Abigail has spent the last 10 years collecting experience in all sorts of industries, from education to hi tech to nonprofit, in an effort to “find her passion.” In her off time, you’ll likely find Abigail captivating audiences onstage, attempting the newest baking trend or possibly working on her latest obsessive hobby of the week.


Shaked Karabelnicoff, Writer & Content Creator

Being a writer is Shaked’s pipe dream that became reality. A lover of brunch, books, and bike rides, fuelled by coffee and guided by the principles of Jewish wisdom. Proudly equal parts Argentinian, Israeli and Canadian. She’s obsessed with podcasts, so she created one!


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