We believe that the journey to self discovery is led by inquiry, and that’s why our podcasts ask big questions and dissect complex topics by unpacking all things Jewish.

Latest Episodes

34 mins

Discovered in the Cairo Geniza, the story of the remarkable exploits of this 11th-century trader pushes the boundaries of what we might have thought about Jewish women in medieval Egypt. But before we even get there, we have to understand what the Cairo Geniza is and why it helps us to understand Jewish history.

33 mins

Donato Manduzio was just a simple man in an Italian village — until he read the Bible, and began his quest to bring back what he thought was a dead, ancient faith. Not only did Donato embrace Judaism, but he also convinced several dozen of his fellow villagers in San Nicandro to join him in this spiritual journey. Schwab and Yael explore this wild story and ask, how the heck do we decide not only who is a Jew, but what the contours are of, well, Judaism?

11 mins

In this episode, Rabbi Josh Feigelson embraces the concept of leadership or “malchut,” the seventh and final middah of the Omer. He explains how channeling “malchut” can cultivate a balance in all aspects of one’s life.

30 mins

Learn about the bonkers life of Johannes Eisenmenger, a man who spent 19 years under false pretenses within the Jewish community. Over those 19 years, he meticulously studied the Talmud and eventually wrote a wild 2000-page text about its supposed evils. In this episode, Yael and Schwab explore the personal motives, societal implications and long-lasting effects of his actions.

8 mins

In this episode, Rabbi Josh Feigelson examines the value of knowing oneself and self-awareness through “yesod,” a trait that embodies rootedness and groundedness.

29 mins

You might not be quite as big of a fan of epistolary romances as Yael, but you’ll still love the story of Sarra Coppia Sullam. Sullam, a Jewish Venetian woman of the 17th century, was best known for her literary salons, the public accusations of heresy against her, and most salaciously, her pen pal love affair with the Genoese monk named Ansaldo Cebà. Come for the story and stay for the drama as Schwab and Yael unpack her incredible life.

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