We believe that the journey to self discovery is led by inquiry, and that’s why our podcasts ask big questions and dissect complex topics by unpacking all things Jewish.

47 mins

For the past six years, Stephanie Butnick has been changing the Jewish community as one of the co-hosts of Unorthodox, the most popular Jewish podcast on iTunes. In this inaugural episode of Nice Jewish Girls, Julia speaks to Stephanie about how studying religion brought her to Jewish media, what particular Jewish culture is, how she found her voice as an editor, and podcaster, and how she became a strong, proud Jewish woman.

2 mins

This podcast is not about Nice Jewish Girls. It’s about Jewish girls who are so much more than nice. It’s about journalists and authors, speechwriters and senators, prime ministers and rock stars.

This podcast will redefine the way we see Jewish women—not as Jewish American Princesses, not as nags or klutzes, not as bossy or loud. As strong, as smart, as fearless. As Esthers, as Rachels, as Miriams. Together, we will celebrate our history and empower the next generation of Jewish women. And I am so excited to begin.

My name is Julia Jassey, and I come from a long line of inspiring Jewish women. Every week, we’ll be speaking to Jewish women who are breaking new ground and changing history.

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5 mins

The news coming out of Israel is scaring and confusing all of us. Is Sheikh Jarrah a housing dispute, or something bigger? Who is responsible for the protests and riots all over the country? Why are thousands of rockets being launched, and what does it mean for the region? What is going on??

Here at Unpacking Israeli History, we’re here to make sense of the present by exploring the past. Our goal is always to explore the questions of Israeli history — to really get to know the stories, including the confusing grey areas, and to make meaning of the present. To be transparent, and give the real context to the complicated, messy world of Israel, which has a few warts perhaps, but is also full of wonders. Only with that nuanced approach will we really understand Israeli history, and only when we understand that history will we be able to understand the very textured Israeli present.

28 mins

In the final episode of the season, Noam Weissman delves into one of the most divisive events in Israel’s history — the disengagement from the Gaza Strip. He looks at the historical context, the political and religious debate leading up to the pull-out, the trauma it caused for Israelis, the effect that the disengagement had on the peace process and whether the results were worth the suffering it caused.

25 mins

To appreciate the current Israeli and Palestinian psyches, it’s vital to understand the first five years of the 21st century — the period of the Second Intifada. Noam Weissman gets to the heart of the issue and asks why this serious attempt at peace between Israel and the Palestinians ended in one of the bloodiest periods in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and how the effects of those defining years are still felt to this day.

25 mins

The assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin on November 4th, 1995 remains one of the most difficult moments in Israeli history and in modern Jewish history. Join Noam Weissman as he dives into Rabin’s life and legacy and unpacks how the assassination and its aftermath continues to affect Israeli society.

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