We believe that the journey to self discovery is led by inquiry, and that’s why our podcasts ask big questions and dissect complex topics by unpacking all things Jewish.

51 mins

Do you ever feel like an outsider? What does Judaism have to say about the Black Lives Matter movement? Was Moses the first biracial Jew? Listen in as Noam and Kylie talk about what it means to “see color,” the limits of the English language, and how personal struggles shape us as people. About Kylie Unell: Kylie is a Dean’s Doctoral Fellow at NYU concentrating in Jewish philosophy. She was named an “aspiring Jewish philosopher” by the New York Jewish Week’s 36 Under 36. Kylie is a writer, podcaster, and the co-producer of the comedy show, Sweepstakes Comedy. She also runs Models of Faith, a photoblog sharing the stories of millennials who take their faith seriously.

49 mins

This week, Julia sits down with Alyza Lewin, the president of the Louis D. Brandeis Center and lawyer who has argued before the Supreme Court. The two discuss the legal case against antisemitis, including Alyza’s contribution to legal precedent.

47 mins

Do the words we choose to speak really matter? Why is it often difficult to say thank you or to admit that we need help? Is “recipitive” a real word?! This week, Noam sits down with Nachi Gordon and Yaakov Langer to discuss gratitude, building relationships through communication, and game-changing words.


About: Nachi Gordon and Yaakov Langer are the cohosts of the podcast “Meaningful People.” Deep, unboundedly interesting, fun and uplifting, the podcast is a weekly opportunity for Nachi & Yaakov to talk to the Jewish world’s meaningful people.

50 mins

Does sacrifice always mean struggle? Does doing something for someone without getting anything back always mean sacrifice? Are you defined by what you did 5 years ago or can we change? Listen in on this conversation to hear what Noam and Chloe have to say about sacrifice, self transcendence and the road to becoming a better society. About Chloé: Chloé Valdary is an American writer and entrepreneur whose company, Theory of Enchantment, teaches social and emotional learning in schools, as well as diversity and inclusion in companies and government agencies.

33 mins

This week, Julia sits down with features editor at Variety,  Malina Saval. The two discuss the power of Jewish history and its continuation through to representation in modern media.

4 mins

What if we told you that Jewish texts written thousands of years ago had something to say about our personal experiences today? Join Dr. Noam Weissman each week for honest and relatable conversations with a diverse range of guests. Each episode in this 10-part series offers new approaches for how to navigate your own life.

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