Crafts and DIY’s that will make you extra nostalgic this Hanukkah

Holidays are a perfect time to dip into our nostalgic senses
(Photo: Custom and Craft/YouTube)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, arts and crafts are not just for kids.

Creative outlets like crafting can actually help reduce stress and allow us to experience childlike nostalgia, which in turn can lead to a number of other psychological benefits. 

For example, experiencing nostalgia can make life seem more meaningful, according to a famous experiment called the Southampton Nostalgia Scale which measured the impact of nostalgia.

Holidays are a perfect time to dip into our nostalgic senses, that’s why we spoke to our friends at Custom & Craft to gather some DIY’s that will bring you right back to grade school.

Download this Hanukkah coloring booklet

Check out this adorable collection of Hanukkah coloring pages!

Crayon Hanukkiah

Ran out of candles for your Chanukah Menorah? Try crayons! They’ll burn for about 30 minutes. But, be prepared: your house may smell like a burning Crayola factory when it’s all done.

DIY paper lanterns

It’s the holiday of lights, so why not try out some DIY paper lanterns you can either display tabletop or hang up!

You can find the supply list and full directions here!

Get creative in the kitchen

Last but definitely not least, there’s nothing that makes us more nostalgic than the smell of latkes cooking. 

Ask your bubbe for her recipe or try out a new one this holiday season!

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