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What The Hallmark Channel’s “Round and Round” lacks in originality, it partially makes up for with the actors’ fine performances.
Six13’s Hanukkah video “Era-lution of Taylor Swift (Hanukkah’s version)” includes 14 Swift tracks with a Jewish spin on the lyrics.
Here’s a deep (fried) dive into the history of this iconic Hanukkah treat.
To greet your Jewish loved ones during these eight days, you can simply say “Happy Hanukkah” or use one of these options in Hebrew.
Beyond the surface-level festivities of Hanukkah lies a deeply spiritual holiday and time of reflection.
Unpacked compiled eight of our favorite Hanukkah rom-coms — one for every night of Hanukkah — that will make you swoon, laugh out loud, and feel inspired to devour another.
This ultimate Hanukkah gift guide has Gen Z favorites perfect for everyone on your holiday shopping list.
We get it, after taking the global pandemic off there’s really little patience to be had for bad conversation. We got you.

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