Feeling nostalgic for the summer camp days? Try this

You may have outgrown your camp years, but there’s no reason why you can’t channel all those Jewish camp vibes this summer at home.

Make jewlery

Remember those necklaces and bracelets you used to spend hours making for you and your besties all summer long? Not only are they now totally nostalgic, but they’re also back in style.

Colorful beaded necklaces, plastic rings, and woven bracelets have been all over the internet. Making them is super inexpensive, easy and will bring back all those summer camp memories. Check out this handy bracelet-making kit for all jewelry-making needs!


Tie-dye was all the craze last summer in quarantine. Tie-dye shirts, socks, sweaters, sweat sets. Basically, tie-dye anything is (once again) not only wildly nostalgic but also trendy.

Grab some camp friends and spend the day tie-dying all your old whites. Amazon is full of tie-dye kits that have got you covered!

Have a cozy, summer camp-style bonfire!

Grab your guitar (or guitar-playing friend), your best campfire snacks (s’mores anyone?), a cozy blanket and gather ‘round the fire. Just the smell of bonfire is sure to cue the nostalgia.

Bonus points if you still have camp sweaters to wear. 

Jam out to all your favorite camp throwbacks

In advance of that bonfire we just suggested, download this campfire playlist full of throwbacks created by Unpacked to channel all the summer camp bonfire vibes.

Bring back camp games

Meet up at a park and replicate color wars? Maybe not to that extent. But seriously, remember all those crazy games you used to play at camp? There must be a way to make those happen in the city. Bring your buddies together for a game of gaga, mafia, psychiatrist/psycho, or whatever it is you used to love!

Watch camp movies

Wet Hot American Summer, The Parent Trap, Camp Rock… the list of summer camp movies is endless. Have a nostalgic movie night and channel all the summer camp vibes. Don’t forget popcorn and PJ’s!

Go camping

Haven’t touched the old sleeping bag since the last summer you went to camp? Here’s your chance to dust off the camp gear and venture into nature! Bring your bathing suit, a good book, and maybe even a disposable camera if you really want to cue the nostalgia. Plus, what better way to show use those fire-building skills?

Call your camp friends

Has it been a while since the camp gang all got together? We get it. Everyone might be scattered all over the world doing different things now. But if this pandemic year has taught us anything, it’s that picking up the phone can be more meaningful than ever. Give your old camp buddies a ring and remind them that you love them! Plus, reminiscing about old times is sure to bring a smile to your face.