6 non-Jewish creators voicing their support for Israel

In the current atmosphere, it’s essential to highlight the supportive voices.
Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic (Nate Buzz) participates in an interview with ILTV News on April 10, 2023 (YouTube screenshot)

Since the Oct. 7 attacks, many of us have found ourselves glued to our phones where the internet has felt increasingly isolating. The anti-Israel and antisemitic tropes being shared on social media and news outlets worldwide have often felt all-encompassing and overwhelming.

In the current atmosphere, it’s essential to highlight the supportive voices. Here are six non-Jewish voices who have been loud and proud in supporting Israel.

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Caroline d’Amore

Caroline D’Amore, the founder and CEO of Pizza Girl, has been actively speaking out about the rise in antisemitism and expressing support for the Jewish people. 

In a video she created shortly after the attack, D’Amore noted that she is not Jewish and not deeply versed in the history of the conflict. She went on to highlight significant differences in the reactions of pro-Israel and pro-Hamas supporters to the Oct. 7 massacre. 

In her video, D’Amore spoke of the imbalance of hate and her fears as someone seeing the rise of antisemitism and violent acts of hatred unfold. “Free the Palestinians does not mean torture the Jewish people,” she said in her first video, which amassed over 6 million views. 

Since then, she has created dozens of additional videos denouncing the rise in antisemitism and encouraging other non-Jewish people to speak out.

Nate Buzz

If you weren’t already familiar with Nate Buzz from his role on “Vampire Diaries,” you might have recently noticed him for his incredible support for Israel. 

Buzz, whose full name is Nathaniel Buzolic, is an Australian actor and Christian content creator with 3 million followers on Instagram. After Oct. 7, Buzz took it upon himself to visit Israel and share the reality of the situation on the ground with the world. 

During his trip to Israel, Buzz visited families of hostages and victims of Oct. 7, including the family of Hersh Goldberg-Polin. Additionally, Buzz was interviewed by dozens of Israeli and international news channels, where he shared how his Christian faith influences his perspective.

In addition to using his personal platform, he founded Rova Media, which produces content to share Israel’s reality on platforms like YouTube and Tiktok.

Buzz’s personal and Rova’s social media feeds are filled with the testimonies of survivors of Oct. 7 as well as current updates. Buzz also scheduled a Holy Land tour in 2024 to bring a group to Israel to connect with the people and land.. 

His connection with Israel extends beyond public support; it also touches his personal life. Following the end of his long-term relationship with Israeli musician Eden Ben Zaken, Buzz recently announced his relationship with Israeli social media sensation Liya Noga

Nas Daily

As one of the most well-known Israeli-Palestinian vloggers with over 65 million followers across channels, Nuseir Yassin, known as Nas Daily, has built an empire through his captivating content.

He is most recognized for his 1,000 one-minute videos that he released with the goal of bringing people from around the world together.

On Oct. 14, in place of his weekly company update, Yassin posted a joint video with his Jewish partner Alex Dwek about peace and the way the acts of Oct. 7 tested their relationship.

Following the brutal attacks by Hamas, Yassin announced on X that he does not want to live under a Palestinian government, “which means I only have one home, even if I’m not Jewish: Israel.”

The post concluded with Yassin making a statement that was read around the world, “So from today forward, I view myself as an ‘Israeli-Palestinian.’ Israeli first. Palestinian second.” 

Non Jewish Nanny

Adriana Fernandez is a creator and nanny for an Orthodox Jewish family. Through her work, she quickly became versed in the intricacies of Orthodox Jewish practice, from the laws of shomer negiah to modest styles of dress.

Fernandez began to share what she was learning on social media. Her content includes how to style modest outfits, her favorite songs by Jewish artists (she is a die-hard Mordechai Shapiro fan), and how to pronounce Hebrew and Yiddish words — drawing on German pronunciation techniques she learned from her background in opera singing.

She built a following of over 60,000 people through her content and began collaborating with Jewish brands.

In one of her recent videos, a collaboration with the nonprofit Smiles Through Cars, Fernandez explored the sheitel (wig) industry and shared how she gifted a wig to a child who suffered from long-term hair loss after miraculously beating cancer.

Since Oct. 7, Fernandez has created many posts in support of Israel and combating rising antisemitism in the United States. She even shared a link in her Instagram bio highlighting various ways non-Jews can support the Jewish community. 

Muhammad Zoabi 

Arab-Israeli creator Muhammad Zoabi gained widespread attention in 2017 after he released a video condemning Hamas for the kidnapping of three Israeli students and stated his support for Israel. Since then, he has become an important voice in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Zoabi’s public support for Israel put his life at risk, leading to threats from terrorists, including some from within his own family. As a teenager, Zoabi was provided with a security detail by the Ministry of Education so that he could attend school safely. 

The self-described proud Zionist told Aish in 2017, “I really believe that I’m a lucky Arab and a lucky human being and a lucky Middle Easterner, that I was born in this little tiny piece of land!”

Since Oct. 7, he has been sharing regular updates on what is happening in Israel, which are both supportive and lovingly critical at times. He updated his Instagram bio to include “Bring them back now” and uses his platform to respond to antisemitic and anti-Israel rhetoric circulating online. 

Many of his videos involve him responding to other creators, calling out their misinformation and hate. As a self-proclaimed geography geek, Zoabi also produces videos about the history of the land.

In one recent video, he called out the King of Jordan for receiving 78% of British Mandate Palestine and having the audacity to criticize Israel.

Barry Bull

Sergeant Major Christian “Barry” Bull is using his TikTok and Instagram to highlight the moral standards that Israel is often held to.

Since Oct. 7, Bull has posted dozens of videos expressing support for Israel and challenging assumptions and misinformation prevalent in the U.S. He encourages dialogue through his videos and thoughtfully responds to counterarguments.

Bull, who enlisted in the Marines in 1998, has over 300,000 followers on his platforms, where he focuses on fitness and motivation. Recently, he has expanded his content to include discussions on many hot topics like masculinity, politics and the situation in Israel.

Other notable figures who have been vocal in their support of Israel are author Douglas Murray, Congressman Ritchie Torres, activist Bassem Eid and comedian Daniel-Ryan Spaulding.

Although they are not primarily content creators, they have been outspoken about the horrific acts of Oct. 7, countering misinformation and providing informed perspectives on their respective platforms.

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