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Let’s break down three potential options for how Israel might respond: striking Iran, diplomatic alliances, and indirect actions against Iran.
As a proud Jew and Israeli, Levy is the third Israeli fighter in the UFC.
The war between Hamas and Israel has surpassed 155 days. Here are the top stories from this past week.
Here is your guide to understanding the Palestinian political landscape.
The war between Hamas and Israel has surpassed 148 days. Here are the main stories from this past week.
If you’re growing distant from a peer who has made antisemitic comments or have seen friends share hurtful posts on social media, here’s what to know.
The IDF stated that most of the casualties were caused by civilians trampling each other in a rush to access aid trucks that were traveling through the area.
This gripping four-episode series tells the story of Pollard and the profound impact his actions had on the U.S.-Israel relationship.

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