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How did lacrosse come to Israel, and how has the sport flourished there?
In its inquiry released on Thursday, the IDF acknowledged that it had “failed in its mission to protect the residents of Be’eri.”
As chances grow for a deal between Israel and Hamas, let’s break down what the proposed ceasefire and hostage exchange deal might entail.
The ancient seeds’ incredible longevity is largely due to the unique environmental conditions around the Dead Sea region.
Hezbollah is now launching dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of rockets and drones toward Israel on a daily basis, and Israel is striking deeper into Lebanon.
In the midst of hostility and division, my Jewish peers and I discovered an unexpected source of strength and unity.
Former Israeli Supreme Court justice Aharon Barak criticized the court’s decision, arguing that it relied on social media and press releases instead of substantive evidence.
The war between Hamas and Israel has now surpassed 225 days. Here are the key developments from this past week.
Thousands protested across Malmö, Sweden to call for Israel not to compete, despite organizers insisting that Eurovision is “non-political.” 

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