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Haddish discovered her Jewish heritage at age 27 and has since developed a profound connection to her faith.
The chef and cookbook author shares accessible recipes that elevate and modernize Jewish cooking.
The singer and social media influencer made a statement at the 2024 Grammys by wearing a giant yellow ribbon reading “Bring Them Home.”
Rebekah Lowin longed to see Jewish holidays reflected in the glossy pages of magazines, so she decided to bring her own crafty ideas into the world.
In the current atmosphere, it’s essential to highlight the supportive voices.
From answering questions about Judaism to sharing her treasured kosher recipes, Weinstock offers an intimate window into her life that followers eagerly look into.
“A few of the kids have said to me: ‘You’re not a Jew, but Hashem (God) loves you and he put you here to take care of Jewish people.’”

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