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These Jewish designers have pioneered iconic fashion houses and shaped contemporary trends, leaving lasting marks on the industry.
The actress, who will be portraying Amy Winehouse in the upcoming biopic “Back to Black,” felt a kinship with Winehouse’s Jewish identity.
“My dad and me, all we talk about is football. I do realize, for whatever our issues are and whatever repressions there may be, talking about football is how we communicate.”
“I went to Jewish schools, camps and am more knowledgeable about Judaism — if not more observant — than most Jews I know.”
“A few of the kids have said to me: ‘You’re not a Jew, but Hashem (God) loves you and he put you here to take care of Jewish people.’”
The speculation around Kate’s alleged Jewish family lineage stems mostly in part from a former BBC Royal Correspondent.
“I won’t work on a more important film in my professional life.” The documentary filmmaker’s latest film takes a look at America’s role in Holocaust
“All my teammates in the locker room, they knew I was Jewish. They supported me, especially when I was younger.”
“I have Jewish roots, and my great grandfather on my mom’s side, who lived in Poland, was put on a train to a concentration camp during the Holocaust.”
Weird Al reportedly consulted with several rabbis before releasing the song “Pretty Fly for a Rabbi”

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