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I/P deep dive

Dive deeper into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This series explores how Israel initially gained control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967 and whether Israel is occupying these territories.

In the Six-Day War, Israel captured new territories, tripling its size practically overnight and altering the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East. What happened in the war’s aftermath shaped the narrative and perceptions surrounding the conflict in ways that persist to this day.

Israel’s unilateral withdrawal of military forces and Israeli civilians in 2005 marked the end of its direct control over the Gaza Strip.
While Palestinian leaders view Israel’s control over the West Bank as an unjustified “occupation,” Israel defends its actions as necessary for national security and backed by historical and legal claims. 
In the Six-Day War, Israel tripled its size practically overnight, but the Arab world refused to recognize these gains. This set the stage for decades of conflict that persist to this day.

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