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Ingenious Tel Aviv husband and wife entrepreneurial team, Theo and Ora Coster, shaped the game world in more ways than one.
While Cuban’s entrepreneurship is well-known, his Jewish identity also played a significant role in his life’s trajectory.
Founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield attribute their brand’s success to three factors: high-quality ice cream using natural ingredients, unusual flavors, and social activism.
Rummikub’s Jewish creator, Ephraim Hertzano, turned adversity into an enduring success.
“We made a name and created a meaning for it. It means ‘the best,’” Reuben Mattus proudly said of Häagen-Dazs.
Before you get swept into the hot pink magic of the “Barbie” movie, get to know her lesser-known Jewish roots.
“Israeli innovation and Israeli companies are changing the world across all verticals,” Fuld said.

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