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Rochman speaks about the encampments, grassroots-driven change, and the importance of confronting challenges with hope rather than fear.
“It is terrifying to see such a large number of students chanting for the destruction of Israel knowing that the university has not taken any measures to control the protest.”
People like me, who previously felt distant from Judaism, now wear Magen Davids as symbols of pride and strength.
Jewish students’ responses revealed profound feelings of isolation, fear and pain, representing a collective cry for help and for action.
If you’re growing distant from a peer who has made antisemitic comments or have seen friends share hurtful posts on social media, here’s what to know.
“My biggest piece of advice [for Gen Z] is to educate yourself…learn the history of what happened in this region and what did not happen,” Fuld told Unpacked.
As tensions continue to be high on university campuses worldwide, we’re checking in again with our Jewish college student readers.
From apartheid to settler colonial claims, here’s how to engage in discussions about loaded terms and accusations against Israel.
What a year it has been. These moments not only defined 2023 but also offer a glimpse into the resilient spirit of our community.
Now more than ever before, it’s important to take time for yourself and disengage with the heavy flow of media to preserve your mental health.

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