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43 mins

On this week’s episode of Nice Jewish Girls, Julia sits down with Sophie Ross, a writer on fashion, beauty, and influencer culture from New York City. They discuss the importanance of positive Jewish representation in pop culture.

31 mins

On today’s episode, Julia sits down with Halie Soifer, the CEO of the Jewish Democratic Council of America, former national security advisor for then-Senator Kamala Harris, and Senior Policy Advisor for the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power. The two discuss the importance of female leadership and mentorship.

45 mins

On this week’s episode of Nice Jewish Girls, Julia sits down with Representative Alma Hernandez, a state representative from Arizona, and an impassioned Jewish advocate. Alma unpacks her unique and inspiring Jewish background, and the two discusss the importance of education in the fight against antisemitism.

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40 mins

This is the story of the men and women who brought us our state. Who ran guns, defended settlements, defied the Mandatory Powers that Be, smuggled shell-shocked refugees into their homeland… and who disagreed with each other mightily about the best way to wrench their homeland back from a dying empire. In this episode, the last of Season 2, Noam tells the story of Black Saturday and asks, how far would we have gone to bring about the State of Israel?

36 mins

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and on Nice Jewish Girls, Julia talks to Elana Silber, the powerhouse CEO of Sharsheret. Sharsheret is a national organization supporting Jewish women and families facing breast and ovarian cancer. They talk about the impact of Sharsheret, the resilience and hope of women, and tools for women to make the best decisions for themselves.

41 mins

By January 1993, the Israelis and the Palestinians had opened secret negotiations, culminating in the Oslo Accords, a series of agreements between Israel and the PLO, as the representatives of the Palestinians. So, what was Oslo? What is its legacy? How did the Israeli public, including the settlement leadership, view Oslo? What about the Palestinians? And, what lessons can we learn from this haunting story?