Is Doja Cat Jewish?!

One of the singers that carried us all through quarantine with her viral hits is a member of the tribe!
Doja Cat demonstrating a makeup routine for Vogue Taiwan in 2020. (Handout)

If you follow Unpacked on Tik Tok, you’ve probably seen one of our most viral videos: Is Doja Cat Jewish?!


Reply to @sarafrost28 Is @dojacat Jewish? Yup! Let’s Unpack It! 🌟 #Jewish #Jewishcelebs #jewishceleb #dojacat #famousjews #grammys2021

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She sure is!

Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, known by her stage name Doja Cat, was born in the Los Angeles, California neighbourhood of Tarzana. Her mother, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, is  a Jewish American painter, and her father, Dumisani Dlamini is a South African actor, composer, and film producer.

Doja Cat was propelled into the spotlight after her track, “Mooo!” became a viral YouTube hit in August of 2018. But what really caused her latest rise to fame is her most popular track, “Say So,” which became the track for a viral dance trend on TikTok. 


HERE IT IS!! the full say so dance🥺🥰

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Doja Cat has been open about the fact that her dad wasn’t present growing up, so she was raised by Sawyer as a single mom. 

What is most notable about her Jewish identity, is that she herself identifies as Jewish.

“My mom was kinda a hip-hop head, really ironic because like — I’m Jewish, my grandma’s Jewish, she’s white, and she was never exposed to music like that,” she explained in a 2013 YouTube video.

So that’s the scoop! One of the singers that carried us all through quarantine with her viral hits, is, in fact, a member of the tribe!