How to support Israeli soldiers and civilians amid the Hamas attacks

You might be wondering how to support Israelis during this extremely challenging period. Here are 12 organizations to consider.
An Israeli soldier is seen on the Israel-Gaza border on October 9, 2023. (Photo by Ilia Yefimovich/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Since Saturday, Hamas terrorists have continually attacked Israel, killing more than 1,300 Israelis and injuring over 3,900 others.

At least 27 Americans have been killed and reportedly make up a sizable portion of the estimated 200 taken hostage.

You might be wondering how you can support Israeli soldiers and civilians during this extremely challenging time. Here are 12 verified organizations to consider (note that this is a non-comprehensive list).

Support for IDF soldiers on the front lines:

1. Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF)

FIDF directly supports those fighting in the IDF and veterans. FIDF is responding to their most urgent needs for humanitarian support which currently include armored ambulances, field hospitals, plasma, and other life-saving supplies. Currently, all contributions of up to $1 million will be matched dollar for dollar.

The organization also ensures that IDF soldiers receive PTSD and other mental health counseling. Additionally, the organization extends resources to wounded soldiers, offers support to the families of those who died in service, and provides opportunities for higher education and job training.

2. The Association for Israel’s Soldiers

The Association for Israel’s Soldiers is dedicated to supporting the IDF’s combat soldiers, lone soldiers, and soldiers from special populations. They aim to ensure that no soldier feels alone.

Over the years they have assisted thousands of soldiers serving in the IDF, including those who are far from their families. Over 2,000 volunteers operate in about 90 local branches in Israel, making it possible for the organization to realize its goals.

3. Brothers and Sisters in Arms

Brothers and Sisters in Arms is providing immediate support to civilians and soldiers, in full coordination with the Israeli military. From the onset of this war they have been mobilizing critical resources, locating missing individuals and procuring vital equipment for soldiers and civilians.

They are urgently seeking assistance in the following areas: protective gear, logistical shortages, hostages and missing citizens, mental support for children and families, and refugee families.

4. Duvdevan Foundation

Duvdevan Together aims to support the reservists and active-duty soldiers fighting in the south of Israel. With members of the Duvdevan special forces being summoned to the frontlines, this fund ensures they receive basic food items and personal necessities that they might have left behind at home. The fund also goes toward providing mental health support to the families of the reservists. 

5. Give Back Project

As hundreds of thousands of reservists respond to the call of duty, the number of soldiers now outweighs the available equipment.

In the face of these adversities, this Give Back Project is working to ensure soldiers and affected families have the essentials they need. They are channeling every contribution toward purchasing and delivering the vital equipment and supplies.

Support for victims of terror:

6. Jewish Agency’s Fund for Victims of Terror

The Jewish Agency has been a first responder to instances of terrorism since Israel’s establishment as a state. 

The organization provides immediate assistance to victims of terrorism and continual support in the days following an attack. The Jewish Agency also provides victims with long-term rehabilitative support following the attack, allowing them to get the help they need to process and move forward.

7. Jewish Federations of North America campaign to support the Trauma Coalition

The Jewish Federations of North America have partnered with the Jewish Agency for Israel, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, and the Israel Trauma Coalition. 

Each of these organizations are helping to provide resources to the victims of the terrorist attacks, including trauma support. In addition, they are helping to rebuild the infrastructure in areas of Israel’s south that have been destroyed in the attacks. 

8. The National Emergency Fund 

The National Emergency Fund, started by JGive, provides assistance to the victims of the terrorist attacks and those displaced by the war.

JGive donates the funds to local charities giving food, welfare, relief aid and equipment to victims of the war and their families. These funds will be given out through a public committee.

9. Pitchon-Lev

Pitchon-Lev provides food and social support for those in poverty in Israel. During the war, Pitchon-Lev is extending its aid by supplying food, baby food, footwear, electrical appliances, and other essentials to those in affected areas, as well as to evacuees from the south. Additionally, the organization offers legal and medical guidance to those in need.

10. Jewish National Fund

The Jewish National Fund is taking donations to help evacuate families from the Gaza border and provide them with basic necessities. In addition, the JNF is supplying firefighter and protective equipment to those in affected areas, as well as psychological treatment to those impacted by terror.

Emergency medical assistance:

11. United Hatzalah 

United Hatzalah provides medical services to those in need through its 6,500 volunteer EMTs. They are currently taking general donations for supplies, and also money for specialized medical equipment including Epi-Pens, child resuscitation kits, and defibrillators. 

12. Magen David Adom

Magen David Adom, Israel’s emergency medical services, is taking donations for equipment as it helps aid those affected by attacks. Magen David Adom ensures that its 33,000 EMTs have the proper training and supplies to respond to emergency situations. 

Donations to Magen David Adom allow the organization to have enough supplies, support upkeep of its emergency medical vehicles and keep emergency rooms stocked.

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