18 Jewish celebrities who will give you a shoutout on Cameo

Plus, a bonus site that's basically Jewish Cameo

Ever dreamt of your favorite celebrity wishing you a Happy Birthday? Serenading you on a big day? Whether it’s your own occasion, your brother’s bar mitzvah, sister’s graduation or parents’ anniversary, Cameo is full of Jewish celebs ready to send all the mazels your way.

If you didn’t know, Cameo is a video-sharing site that allows celebrities to send personalized messages to fans. Apparently, it has more than 30,000 celebrities on their platform. After you pick a celebrity to work with, you can instruct them to say or do pretty much anything you want. Inside jokes, teasing, singing… you name it. 

Here’s an example:

Here are 18 more Jewish celebs on Cameo (plus a bonus site that’s basically Jewish Cameo) for all your big Jewish moments:

Fran Drescher

Michael Rapaport

Gilbert Gottfried

You can also book Gottfried to do different personas, like “Rabbi Gottfried

Larry Thomas (aka Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi)

Elon Gold

Jake Cohen

Maya Vander

(The Original) Beverly Goldberg

Mindy Sterling

Jonathan Goldsmith

Stephen Kramer Glickman (Gustavo Rocque)

Evan Handler

Willie Garson

Tori Spelling

Bethenny Frankel

Dee Snider

Bob Saget

Bonus: Say Mazel Tov

Say Mazel Tov is basically Jewish cameo. They have video messages from Nissim Black, Tik Tok’s JewCrazy, and even ‘Yid With Sign’: