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Here are key moments in Albert Einstein’s life depicted in the film and the real history behind them.
Sean Bloom, a 21-year-old Jewish Gen Z, recognized that the Titan submersible was fraught with security risks. His prudent judgment saved his and his father’s lives.
With 11 episodes left, Alan Zeitlin shares his top predictions for the series finale.
To mark the 25th anniversary of “The Sopranos,” here are some key Jewish moments from the iconic series.
In its first season, “The Golden Bachelor” is becoming one of the most Jewish seasons of the franchise to date.
“Luna is a rebellious character who was born way ahead of her time. She has dreams and hopes that are not suited for the 1930s in Jerusalem,” Or told Unpacked.
This eight-part series notably highlights the story of Miep Gies, a Catholic woman who made extraordinary sacrifices.
Joan Rivers, who passed away in 2014, overcame numerous obstacles to become one of America’s most iconic comedians.
Exploring the theme of Jewish identity amid the complexities of the modern world, this new comedy-musical series strikes a resonant chord.
Lewison spoke with Unpacked about the final season of the hit Netflix show and why he’s proud to play a Jewish character on screen.
Here’s what Jewish matchmaking looks like today, according to two of the stars from the Netflix show and three modern-day matchmakers.
As “Succession” heads into its final episodes, it’s noteworthy to look at Logan Roy and his possible negative feelings toward Jews.

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