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As a proud Jew and Israeli, Levy is the third Israeli fighter in the UFC.
The men’s basketball team now heads to Farmingdale University on Sunday for the Skyline Conference Championship.
Beyond his legendary baseball career, Hank Greenberg was also a symbol of Jewish pride during a period marked by crisis and antisemitism.
These standout Jewish fighters are making an impact, displaying their Judaism proudly on and off the mat.
“Judaism and sports both teach you how to win, how to lose like a mensch, how to compete, how to comport yourself in all types of situations,” Neuman told us.
Before you see them on the field or court, get to know the new Jewish stars drafted into pro leagues this year.
Since the inception of the sport, Jews have made significant contributions as players, managers, analysts, fans, and team owners.
Aside from being one of the greatest aces in baseball history, Koufax is remembered most for his actions on Yom Kippur 1965.
At the 2012 Olympics, Raisman became the first American woman to win a gold medal in the floor competition for her performance to “Hava Nagila.”
Sarachek is the country’s most prestigious tournament for Orthodox high school basketball teams.

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