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Let’s break down three potential options for how Israel might respond: striking Iran, diplomatic alliances, and indirect actions against Iran.
The war between Hamas and Israel has now surpassed 188 days. Here are the key developments from this past week.
The war between Hamas and Israel has now surpassed 181 days. Here are the key stories from this past week.
Shortly following the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war, the Houthis began firing missiles toward Israel and attacking international ships in the Red Sea.
The fundamentalist Islamic terror group, which currently controls Gaza, is dedicated to the destruction of Israel.
Israeli public opinion is divided into two broad camps. The first maintains the agreement is bad for Israel, and the second thinks it would buy more time for Israel.
Despite the Saudis denying any intent of normalization, Prime Minister Yair Lapid said that their decision to allow Israeli overflights was, in fact, a form of normalization between the two countries.
Iran vowed to retaliate for a recent attack on an Iranian ship, attributed to Israel. We unpack the escalating tensions between Israel and Iran and the Biden administration’s efforts to return to the Iran nuclear deal.

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