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Rebekah Lowin longed to see Jewish holidays reflected in the glossy pages of magazines, so she decided to bring her own crafty ideas into the world.
Shabbat is central to Jewish life and culture. Jewish philosopher Ahad Ha’am famously noted, “More than the Jews have kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept the Jews.”
This ultimate Hanukkah gift guide has Gen Z favorites perfect for everyone on your holiday shopping list.
Navigating the Hebrew calendar is a spiritual journey that offers opportunities for profound inner exploration and personal growth.
More than just marking the beginning of a new month, Rosh Chodesh carries unique spiritual significance in Jewish life.
The two holidays of love have completely different origin stories.
Rabbis have a range of views on celebrating the holiday.
We went back in time to discover more about the centuries-old tradition
Although primarily a Sephardic tradition, adding a seder to Rosh Hashanah has gained popularity in Israel and around the world.

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