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We’re looking to expand our team of freelance writers for our new “Gen Z Voices” series, highlighting your experiences and perspectives.
Unpacked spoke with Jewish Gen Z from diverse backgrounds. Most opposed the ban, but many expressed nuance in their views.
People like me, who previously felt distant from Judaism, now wear Magen Davids as symbols of pride and strength.
Jewish students’ responses revealed profound feelings of isolation, fear and pain, representing a collective cry for help and for action.
If you’re growing distant from a peer who has made antisemitic comments or have seen friends share hurtful posts on social media, here’s what to know.
With recent increases in antisemitism, understanding how this hate is impacting young Jews and what we can do to address it is crucial.
Without any context or nuance, the film is much more of a propaganda stunt than education.
An overwhelming number of professors have taken to social media to espouse what can only be described as hatred for the Jewish people.
“The silence I feel around this issue when it comes to Jews and Israelis is louder than anything else,” one student wrote.
“Although we visited the country in different ways and were already advocating for our Jewish identities before our trips, we both left Poland deeply transformed.”
Don’t let this incident impact the way you practice your religion or feel about Judaism. Continue to embrace your Judaism — that’s how we defeat prejudice.
Instead of fighting hate with more hate, we can try to be the bigger person and explain the situation first.

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