Unpacked Leadership Fellowship

Tired of all the noise you hear about Israel?

Israel is this, Israel is that.
This government is good, this government is bad.
Nakba, Hamas, coalition, judicial reform, apartheid… people use these words all the time, but do they know what they really mean?

Well it’s time to rise above the noise and make sense of it once and for all.

High school juniors and seniors who are interested in learning about Israel for the sake of their own understanding are invited to apply for the Unpacked Leadership Fellowship.

Only once you really understand the nuances of Israeli history and current events will you find that your connection to Israel is so much more profound.

The more you know, the more you can teach and the more you can empower others with knowledge about Israel.

Why the Unpacked Leadership Fellowship is right for you

  • You care deeply about Israel but you want to deepen your understanding surrounding the hard questions
  • You want to join a mix of students from diverse backgrounds
  • You want to spend time learning about Israel outside the classroom
  • You want to meet experts and thought leaders who can share their points of view about Israel

Program includes


Six in-person learning sessions with Unpacked’s educator team and other experts and influencers in Israeli history, culture, and current events.


Being part of an exciting community of young people who care deeply about Israel

Sessions will unpack the following topics:

Meet this year's speakers

Emily Gelman

2023-24 Fellowship Students

Apply today

Deadline for applications: October 31

Curiosity and commitment to learning about Israel are the only requirements.

Please contact Sarah Gordon with any questions: