5 DIY’s to Level-Up Your Passover

Fun, free and easy crafts to do with the whole family this holiday season
Move over ginger bread houses, the matzah house is the next new thing! (Photo: Homemade Mimi)
  1. Make your virtual seder memorable by adding a competitive element… A Matzah-house building competition!

Gingerbread is so last season, right? As it happens, Matzah is the perfect house-building material. The pieces are already ‘wall-shaped’, and you can easily crack them into tinier pieces for doors and windows. Get creative by using melted chocolate or date butter to stick the walls together– add nuts, dried fruits, and candy for decoration! More ideas here!

  1. Avoid spilling the entire dinner menu and all four glasses of wine on your haggadah with this adorable DIY haggadah cover
A haggadah cover is just a little way to make each person feel special and welcome at the table. (Courtesy: designsponge.com)

Remember making book covers in elementary school? If you were a pro at those, you will love this easy DIY fix! The best part? No matter how messy the seder table gets, you can easily slip these covers off at the end of the night and know your haggadah will live to see another seder! You can even use the covers as place cards for your guests!

  1. Add some style to your passover cleaning with these ‘Cleaned for Pesach’ door hangers! 
As you clean, let the kids color this Pesach door hanger. (Courtesy: betweencarpools.com)

We’re all home 24/7 these days, which means the house might be a little messier than usual by the time the annual Passover cleaning rolls around. That’s why these nifty door hangers will come in handy for your cleaning organization! Plus, you can get your little ones involved. You can have your kids color the door hangers while you clean. Click here to download.

  1. This Chocolate Matzah Place Setting  is the most charming addition to your Passover tablescape and will instantly make your guests feel welcome.
These place settings are a unique way to spice up the table. (Courtesy: thesocialkitchen.org)

The best part of this table setting is that it looks upscale, but it’s super easy to make. No piping bag required. Just melt the chocolate, spoon it into a plastic bag, and cut a tiny hole in the corner of the bag to write out the names or initials of your guests. Now, here’s your chance to get extra creative: before the chocolate dries, use any kind of sprinkles over the top to add a pop of color!

  1. Elevate the kids table with coloring book placemats or better yet make a coloring page tablecloth!
Coloring book pages adds another element for children at the seder table. (Courtesy: haggadot.com)

This coloring book will get your kids in the mood for your seder! You can search for unique coloring pages, or check out this complete Haggadah coloring book!