Bring a Speaker to Your Event

Bring one of the featured speakers, someone from our educational team or the director of the film to your event. Expand your program by bringing a professional who is engaged with the topic of navigating antisemitism. We’ll connect you with the speaker of your choice.

Please note that speaking fees must be negotiated directly with the speaker.

All speakers are available for virtual programs.

Filmmaker & Education Team

Featured in the Film

Unsafe Spaces Frequently asked questions

This frequently asked questions section will help you learn more about screening Unsafe Spaces. If you have any additional questions, email us! We’d love to hear from you,

How long is the film?
Runtime: ~17 minutes

How do we access the film?
Once a screening is booked, you will receive a unique login to a website where the film, moderator guide and marketing resources will be available for download.

How much does it cost to screen the film?
Screening licenses depend on the type of screening you are hosting:
Community screening licensing price: $50
Educational screening licensing price: $50
Campus screening licensing price: $0

Is the film appropriate for elementary age kids?
The film is designed for middle school, high school and up. There are elements that may be lost on younger kids but there is nothing inappropriate or scary.

I want to run a virtual event, how does that work?
While we do not recommend screening this film virtually as Zoom or similar platforms are not optimized for streaming films you can stream the file at your virtual event directly from your computer. To find out when the film will be available on streaming platforms, join the waitlist.

I want to bring a speaker, how does that work?
To bring a speaker, fill out the speaker form and select which speaker you’d like to have join your event. The form will email the speaker directly. Please note that speaking fees must be negotiated directly with the speaker.

I want to run a program around the film, do you offer programming resources?
Yes, the moderator guide will include a number of resources to facilitate meaningful conversation around the film.

I don’t belong to a campus organization, how can I bring this film to my campus?
We’d love for you to screen the film on your campus. Please fill out the form and select “other” in the organization drop down menu.

What’s the difference between a campus screening and a community screening?
A campus screening is for university students only. A community screening is for the greater community and includes adults and students.

Am I allowed to charge admission for the screening?
Yes, you may charge a fee for screening the film in your school, campus or community.

Am I allowed to upload the film to my social media account?
No, you are not allowed to upload the film to any digital platform. Anything uploaded will be removed and flagged for copyright infringement.

How many times can I screen this film?
You may screen this film a single time only.

Am I allowed to use the grant to pay for refreshments?
Yes, you may use the grant to pay for refreshments, but please note that in order to receive the grant, you must submit receipts after the film screening.