When is Hanukkah in 2021? (Sooner than you think)

Believe it or not, Hanukkah is already around the corner. We know — the holiday of lights is really early this year.

According to this website, the dates for this year are earlier than 93.5% of the times that they can possibly fall on the calendar. In fact the next time that they’ll come this early again is in 2051.

When is Hanukkah? (25 Kislev – 2 Tevet 5782)

Hanukkah begins at sunset on Sunday, November 28, 2021 and ends at nightfall of Monday, December 6, 2021.


Stores in ##Brooklyn have brought out the ##Hanukkah gear. Hate to break the news, but it’s actually not that early!! ##holidaycountdown

♬ The Chanukah Song – Adam Sandler

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