Wheelchair rockstar: she’s an Israeli dancer, lawyer & activist

When Vital Zinger was a baby, she was paralyzed by cancer. Today, Vital is a world champion dancer, a pioneer for handicap accessibility, and a queen of wheelchair sport! As an Israeli dancer and a handicap dancer who has won awards for her latin dance, she not only knows how to dance in a wheelchair and succeed in disabled sport, she has the pride, determination and spirit to work past any adversity.

Vital has become an activist in Israel for wheelchair accessibility, achieving her first victory at her own high school when she was just 16 years old.

She went on to be a lawyer and discovered a serious passion – and talent – for latin para dancing! Now, Vital is a world champion wheelchair dancer, and has proved that with perseverance, you can transform any challenges into success. Look at all she’s accomplished! Kinda makes you wonder if you’re using all your gifts and advantages to the maximum, right?!

Thanks, Vital, for the work you do in Israel for handicap accessibility – you are making our world a better place.

“It is not your responsibility to finish the job of perfecting the world, but you are not free to desist from it either.”

Pirkei Avot 2:21​

We all have something to give! We honor Global Diversity Awareness Month – take a look around you. There are incredible people everywhere!

You can find this video on our YouTube channel Unpacked.
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