What was the Dreyfus Affair?

The “Dreyfus Affair” was an espionage trial that took place in France in the 1890s. The trial, which saw a top-ranking soldier, Alfred Dreyfus, convicted of passing military secrets to the Germans, also put events in motion that led to the creation of the State of Israel.

We’re diving into the events that tore France apart and rocked the country’s claim of “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” for all and asking why it convinced Theodore Herzl, the founder of Political Zionism of the need for a Jewish state.

This week’s episode has more intrigue, espionage, crazy theories, antisemitism sensational headlines, cover ups and collusions than an episode of Homeland.

What do you think of the events surrounding the Dreyfus affair? How could they have happened in a country in which Jews had been considered equal citizens for a century and why did it cause such an uproar?

You can find this video on our YouTube channel Unpacked.
You can find this video on our YouTube channel Today Unpacked.

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