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Unsafe Spaces
When being Jewish means you don’t belong

December 5 - 13, 2022

This December we’re bringing a panel of speakers to the Los Angeles community to unpack the issues raised in the new Unsafe Spaces 17-minute documentary film.

The film and speakers are available at no cost to your organization or school.

In the past, Jewish students were openly attacked for defending Israel but now they are being marginalized from progressive spaces just for being Jewish.

As our lives have moved into digital spaces, so has this marginalization.

In this film you will hear first-hand accounts of what students — and social media influencers like Blake Flayton, Peter Fox and Julia Jassey — are experiencing today.

Very powerful. Very upsetting. Informative. It helped me find the right phrases, the right taglines, to use against some of these insane arguments.

Speakers traveling with the film

Noam Weissman

Noam Weissman

Noam Weissman is OpenDor Media’s executive vice president. He leads the education vision and implementation, with a special focus on the development of meaningful content and resources for students and educators. He holds a doctorate in educational psychology from USC with a focus on curriculum design.

Sara Himeles

Sara Himeles is an editor at Unpacked for Educators, a division of OpenDor Media. She has created and managed content and communications for former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and presidential candidate Barack Obama. Sara received rabbinical ordination from Ziegler at American Jewish University in Los Angeles and her BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Yirmiyahu Danzig

Yirmiyahu Danzig

Yirmiyahu Danzig is an Israeli activist for Jewish and Indigenous rights, as well as for improving relations between Jews and Arabs. A writer and speaker, he specializes in Jewish diversity, history, and identity and is of Caribbean, Ashkenazic, and Palestinian Jewish descent. He served as a squad commander in a counter-terrorist unit of the Israeli Border Police and is currently director of education for the Herut Movement and a digital producer for the Tel Aviv Institute.

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