Unique, different (and just plain weird) Passover traditions

Blessing of the Wine. Four ceremonial cups of wine are drunk, with appropriate prayers throughout the seder, signifying the four expressions of deliverance found in Exodus. Here, J.O. Manischewitz, in whose home this seder was enacted, offers the Kiddush, a prayer of thanksgiving for the fruit of the wine. The ritual toast is drunk by all present, including the children, who generally have their own smaller glasses, some no larger than a thimble. (Photo: Getty Images)

Passover has many unique traditions and rituals. While most seders follow the same order for the meal, due to the holiday’s uniqueness of being celebrated exclusively at home, many different (and just plain weird) traditions have made their way to the table.

Calling out mom

When we point to the bitter herb, we point to my mom.

noshwithmicah, Instagram

Food fight!

We all throw marshmallows at each other to represent the hail plague.

toovazee, Instagram

Hitting each other with green onions while singing Dayenu (Persian-Jewish tradition).

Nacorom1, Reddit

Egg head

We used to crack the hardboiled eggs on each others heads. No clue where the tradition came from, but it sure helps to diffuse familial squabbles lol

0ganica, Reddit

We eat sliced boiled egg in salt water like soup.

Simonekatz, Instagram

My family plays the “egg game” before eating the meal. Everyone gets a hard boiled egg. One person holds the egg with their hand wrapped around the middle, exposing the top or bottom. Another person uses their egg to tap the first person’s egg. One of the eggs will crack when they are tapped. You are out when the top AND bottom of your egg is cracked. Everyone keeps going around and tapping eggs with the other Seder guests until only one person is left with an uncracked side of their egg and that person is the winner.

Michelle, Judaism Unbound

Every Passover, my family has a tradition of taking hard boiled eggs and coloring them with silly caricatures and other decorations. I actually remember getting angry as a kid that we were depleting my marker set. During Passover seder, with everyone gathered around the big dinner table, we would sneak up and crack an egg on someone’s head as a sign of good luck. Some of us were definitely more gentle than others.

Itay, Gather DC

Noises, languages and fast talking

We make random animal noises during Chad Gadya- sometimes trying to match which animal is being sung about and sometimes just random honking noises lol.

starcollector, Reddit

(If you want to incorporate this tradition into your Seder, check out this animal sing-a-long.)

Reading each line of “Who Knows One?” in one breath. Line 13 is definitely doable, but don’t get cocky!

DSBromeister, Reddit

Water strangeness

We fill the bathtub with water and everyone walks through it when Moshe splits the sea.

Abigailee66, Instagram

After we wash our hands we splash the person next to us.

allison502, Instagram

My father-in-law goes really all out for the Ten Plagues. He drops red food colouring into a pitcher of water, throws toy frogs and cows, puts red dot stickers all over everyone’s arms, etc.

starcollector, Reddit

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