Try these mindfulness exercises this Hanukkah

Let's use this holiday to find our own sources of light

The Hebrew word Hanukkah means “dedication” because we recall the miraculous rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem in the second century BCE. (Read the full Hanukkah story here.) 

As our friends at Custom & Craft remind us, “Just as the Maccabees rededicated the Temple looked through the rubble, and miraculously found the ingredients for light, we can use this holiday to look through our own rubble and find our own sources of light.” 

One way to comb through the rubble? Journaling.

Writing can be a powerful tool for mindfulness. It can help decrease stress, increase self-awareness, joy, and positivity — and even be a form of meditation.

Journal prompts

Each day of Hanukkah, our editor Sara Himeles, who recently graduated from rabbinical school, is sharing a teaching and reflection prompt focusing on different themes of the Hanukkah story. 

You can journal your response or simply reflect on each prompt. The idea is to make your Hanukkah brighter and more meaningful.

Day 1: Add light this Hanukkah

Day 2: “Not by Might”

Day 3: Gratitude for miracles

Day 4: Publicizing the miracle

Day 5: Rededicate to your goals

Hanukkah meditation exercise

Custom & Craft has also created a Hanukkah writing meditation created to help pause and reflect on the themes of light, dedication and miracles.

“Consider these eight questions and the time you’re taking to write your answers a gift to yourself,” they encourage. 

You can download the full writing exercise from their website!

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