The funniest tweets about the viral Miami (Jewish) Boys Choir

"Miami Boys Choir becoming a niche tiktok trend for non Jews was not on my 2022 bingo card"
The Miami Boy's Choir is taking TikTok by storm.

An old clip from the Miami Boys Choir is going viral on TikTok and the internet can’t get enough.

Fans and foes have taken to Twitter to share their two cents on the unexpected trend.

“Within 24 hours my entire fyp has become the miami boys choir,” one user wrote.

Here are some our favorites:

You’re not on Miami Boys Choir Tik Tok!?

Superfan status

It’s not just for Jews

Spotify wrapped, we’re coming for you

Next stop, Super Bowl?

“Wait until people find out they’re singing about Israel”

A trend involving Jews that has absolutely nothing to do with antisemitism? Jewish twitter users are optimistically shocked!

“Who’s your bias?”

Your ‘bias” refers to your favorite member of a group, according to K-Pop lingo.

Eurovision 2023?

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