The best new TV show is Jewish and you don’t even know it

"The Baker and the Beauty," is entirely based on an Israeli series that you can stream on Amazon Prime!
"Life just got a little bit sweeter," with the American adaptation of "The Baker and the Beauty." [Courtesy: ABC]

That Netflix show you’ve been binge watching this entire week? Yup, It’s Jewish. 

ABC’s The Baker and the Beauty hit Netflix on April 13th, 2021 as part of their big spring lineup. But what fans might not realize is that the show, and its entire plot, is based on an Israeli series with the same name.

Daniel Garcia and Noa Hamilton [Courtesy: ABC]

The Baker and the Beauty follows Daniel Garcia, a Cuban baker who sparks a relationship with Australian international superstar, Noa Hamilton.

Daniel’s life changes unexpectedly on a wild Miami night when he encounters international superstar Noa Hamilton at a fancy restaurant. When sparks fly between the two, the unlikely couple must decide whether to upend their lives to be together, pulling their families into an inevitable culture clash.

The Israeli version of The Baker and the Beauty, which is one of the highest-rated series in Israel, takes us into the world of model and heiress, Noa Hollander, and simple baker Amos Dahari. Like the American version, they meet on a night out in Tel Aviv and the relationship between them grows from there.

The series tackles discussions about Jewish ethnic divisions in Israel as it explores the relationship between Noa, a rich Ashkenazi Jewish woman and Amos, a working-class Yemenite-Jewish baker. The American adaptation grapples with similar class and cultural tensions between Daniel, a Cuban Catholic baker, and Australian fashionista, Noa.

Both versions take us on a rollercoaster of emotions as the challenges of the couple’s new relationship are intensified by fame, wealth, and betrayal. The show brings us drama from jealous exes, prying family members and invasive paparazzi scandals.

But don’t worry — the show takes us through it all in a romantic, lighthearted, comedic way. And for those that have seen both versions, you know it’s all eerily similar, but there are definitely some big differences.

Rotem Sela and Aviv Alush star in Israeli show, “The Baker and the Beauty”[Courtesy: Keshet]

The first season of the Israeli original aired in 2013, and season three is currently in production. 

While the original version has been a chart topper in Israel, the American adaptation originally aired on ABC in April 2020 and didn’t receive much attention. Back in June 2020, the show was canceled by ABC after only a single season.

That is until it aired on Netflix one year later, and now fans are obsessed. It’s even been ranked by some critics as the number one show on Netflix for the week of April 25, 2020.

Now, fans are hoping the show’s rise to popularity on Netflix could spark a season two revival. 

In the meantime, you can watch both seasons of the Israeli original on Amazon Prime to get your fix of the show.

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