The best advice my Jewish mother ever gave me

Always listen to your mother!

We all know the oh-so typical Jewish mother stereotype: The accent, guilt-tripping her grown children to call more often, constantly asking if you’re hungry – Love it or hate it, you get the gist.

What’s not talked about enough is the wisdom and practical life advice our Jewish mothers passed down. Sure, they might be “naggy” – but because of them, you always remember to bring a jacket or keep a spare umbrella. Right? 

This Mother’s Day, we’re highlighting some of the best advice and practical life tips our Jewish mothers gave us, based on your submissions (and a few tweets):

  1. “The more possessions you have, the more worries you will have.” In Yiddish: Marbeh nechasim marbeh da’agos.
  2. Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.
  3. Mom knows best
  1. “Sleep on it.”
  2. “We are too poor to buy shmattes.” That is: spend money on good clothes that will last.
  3. “Leave the dishes in the sink till tomorrow, I promise nobody will touch them.”
  4. “Every problem has a solution.”
  5. “You’ll always feel better after you throw up.”
  6. “Always remember, who owns the problem? If it’s not you, it’s not your problem.” 
  7. The most important tool in your toolbox… Education.
  1. “The secret to happiness is to not get too emotionally involved in your own life.”
  2. “Drinking water and getting sleep solves everything.”
  3. Remember: Nice Jewish girls and boys!
  1. “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”
  2. “Whatever you do, do it with your heart.”

What’s the best advice your Jewish mom ever gave you? Let us know on InstagramTwitter, and TikTok!

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