The Amazing Story of the Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean

Long Before the Dread Pirate Roberts or Pirates of the Caribbean entered our consciousness, there were once Jewish pirates who sailed the seven seas and wreaked all sorts of semi-kosher mayhem across the Mediterranean.

It’s kinda hard to believe, but in the Middle Ages there honestly were Jews who operated under the skull and crossbones.

Taking on unforgettable names like “Great Jew” and the “Pirate Rabbi,” some indulged in the whole swashbuckling pirate life. Others took to the high seas as revenge against an oppressive regime.

Of course, there’s those who say that most of the Jewish pirates served more as advisors to other leading (non-Jewish) pirates of the day. That might be true (watch the video to find out more), but don’t let the debate over whether they were privateers, buccaneers, pirates or smugglers spoil an awesome story about Jews who stood up to their enemies.

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