Tall curvy girls wear heels: why I finally love my body

My name is Noam Shuster-Eliassi. Once upon a time, I was embarrassed of my body. Taller than most men and curvy, I was told that tall girls can’t wear heels, tall women threaten men, big women threaten men. But now I say – love the body you’re in! I’m plus-sized and proud – a tall, powerful woman. Hear Me Roar!

I’m very proud to be part of this project to show the modern relevance ofJewish wisdom. And there’s more! Check out the rest of the Hear Me Roar series and be totally inspired by my amazing friends. There is so much strength – if you know where to look. Love yourself the way you are – you are incredible.

“True wealth is appreciating and rejoicing in who we are now.”

Rav Dessler, Ethics of the Fathers
You can find this video on our YouTube channel Unpacked.
You can find this video on our YouTube channel Today Unpacked.

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