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Unpacked spoke with Berman-Peters about kleztronica, the resurgence of Yiddish culture, and the community she hopes to create with her music. 
After near-fatal blows from the Holocaust and mass assimilation, some Ashkenazi Jews are looking to reclaim the language.
Duolingo will be introducing Yiddish as its 40th language. Whether you decide to pick up the course or not, we’re bringing you 18 essential Yiddish words and phrases everyone should know.
We went back in time to discover more about the centuries-old tradition
Weird Al reportedly consulted with several rabbis before releasing the song “Pretty Fly for a Rabbi”
From sunny-side up eggs to a seatbelt, here’s how to say daily objects in Yiddish
From Mazel Tov to Amen or Klutz, Jewish words are ingrained in American culture.
So you learned Yiddish on Duolingo but now you’re wondering where you can use it. Here’s our guide:
Powell continued to speak Yiddish his entire life, once striking up a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir during a visit.

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