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“I get a lot of Jewish women in tears at the stage door thanking me for representing them on stage. It resonates with me to know that I’m representing so many people on stage who feel like they don’t have that representation anywhere else on Broadway,” Benko said.
2024’s Gretchen is still a mean girl for sure, but she — and her Jewishness — feel left behind by a film that largely triumphs in every other way.
Unpacked recently caught up with Lester about stepping into Barbra Streisand’s iconic role and the importance of Jewish representation in theater.
In its first season, “The Golden Bachelor” is becoming one of the most Jewish seasons of the franchise to date.
“I thought, wouldn’t it be fun for a reader like me to experience a book where the magical resonances feel familiar?” Clare told Unpacked.
“Luna is a rebellious character who was born way ahead of her time. She has dreams and hopes that are not suited for the 1930s in Jerusalem,” Or told Unpacked.
“Representation is everything, and seeing yourself on screen — no matter your race, religion, or ethnicity — is always empowering,” Dutton said.
Martin said he hoped the film would lead viewers to “reassess Golda and see more of the complexity” of what happened in the Yom Kippur War.
Before you get swept into the hot pink magic of the “Barbie” movie, get to know her lesser-known Jewish roots.
Lewison spoke with Unpacked about the final season of the hit Netflix show and why he’s proud to play a Jewish character on screen.
While Ariel’s hometown date could be described as a disaster, it was one of the first times Judaism has been at the forefront of “The Bachelor.”
The general rule is that minority roles are only allowed to be played by that minority. Jews, however, have been excepted from this norm.

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