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This spicy, aromatic Moroccan-style lamb with seasonal fruit is warm and cozy, but still perfect for summer.
I am determined to find new ways to add flavor and meaning to my life by letting go
Wow your guests with a heavenly slice of sweet, aromatic chocolate babka cake with an unconventional filling.
This spicy meat dish turns the Mediterranean’s favorite spread into a filling meal.
Hot, fresh pitas are stuffed with fried eggplant, hard boiled eggs, Israeli salad and several tasty sauces.
You can make this delightful street food at home in no time at all.
Hearty spices give this tender meat a savory, Mediterranean bite.
This recipe gives you a crispy and delicious full meal.
Crispy, fried potato carrot fritters, also known as latkes or pancakes, are just the dish for warm family dinners on long, cold nights.
Warm, fresh, light and yeasty. This donut is a well-rounded approach to baked goods.
This creamy pumpkin spread pairs perfectly with flaky pastry crisps and light cinnamon cream.

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