Shlissel or Shtisel challah? Here are the funniest memes about key challah

Some irresistibly funny Shlissel Challah memes have been circling around everyone's groupchat. Here are our favourites:
[Instagram: YidWithSign]

Baking a shlissel (key) challah has long been an Ashkenazi tradition (more on that here.) But it seems they are all the rage this year —which makes sense, since everyone became a #StressBaker as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As Jews took to Twitter and Facebook to share the experience, some irresistibly funny memes have been circling around everyone’s groupchat.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Saturday morning challah french toast? Nah, better go with lox this week.

2. Is it Shtisel challah or Shlissel challah? None of us can get it straight.

[Courtesy: Simone Katz]
[Courtesy: Facebook/ Michelle Flomenhoft]

3. Some say Shlissel challah has bad PR

[Instagram: YidWithSign]

4. Lastly, a very Gen Z spin on what a ‘key’ looks like.

[Courtesy: John Kunza]

To everyone baking Shlissel challah this Shabbat, we’re rooting for you! Send us your best challah pics and funniest memes @JewishUnpacked on Instagram and Twitter!