Practice self care with Wonder Woman’s skincare routine

(Courtesy: Clay Enos/Warner Bros.)

It’s time to scratch off self care from our summer bucket list with a little help from Wonder Woman (trust us).

When Wonder Woman made her first-ever movie debut – as a supporting character in “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” in 2016 – director Zack Snyder put the warrior princess’s age at around 5,000 years old.

Really, Zack? That’s one five, three zeros?

Clearly, this is astonishing information, for one key reason: Her skin is absolutely flawless. I mean, she looks nowhere near 5,000. Unless superhero years were similar to dog years, in which case I’d put her at around 200. Which is still waaaay younger than 5,000. Yeah, still astonishing.

So, naturally, this begs the question: What is Wonder Woman’s skincare secret? Clearly she’s got some tricks up those centuries-old sleeves of hers. We mortals need – no, deserve – some answers.

So we did the next best thing we could think of: we did a little research on the woman who plays her, Israeli actress Gal Gadot. And guess what? Turns out she really does have a few tips for us on how to pamper our smiling faces. And they’re surprisingly simple.

Actor Gal Gadot attends the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Wonder Woman” at the Pantages Theatre on May 25, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Drink lots of water

You probably hear this advice a lot. Know why? Because it works! And in the case of the former Miss Israel-turned-law-student-turned-model-turned-actress, it’s her No. 1 tip: “First and foremost is to drink lots of water, because it doesn’t matter how much moisturizer you put on your skin; if you’re dehydrated from within, nothing will help,” she told Byrdie magazine. “So water.”

Put a hot towel on your face

For her role as “Wonder Woman” in the original solo film, the upcoming sequel and 2016’s “Dawn of Justice,” Gadot wore heavy makeup. But like many of us, life on set is just a job; when Gadot gets home to her husband and two daughters, she takes her stage makeup off immediately so it doesn’t build up and clog her pores. How does she do this? “… I put a moist towel in the microwave, heat it up for about a minute, and then I take all of the makeup off with the hot towel, and I will just wash my face,” she explained. “And if you put some lavender or any essential oils that you like on the wash towel, then it’s really, really good.”

Use a cleanser that won’t dry you out

If you’re like Gadot, you tend to get dehydrated easily. That can manifest itself in many ways – your skin included. For Gadot, the best product to combat this is La Mer Cleansing Oil, “because it doesn’t dry out my skin,” she told Vogue. And, in case those long days of travel start to take their toll, she takes an Evian Natural Mineral Water spray bottle with her: “If you feel like your makeup has dried out during the day, it gives a boost of hydration.”

Finally, remember: Less is more

In the “Wonder Woman” movie, Gadot’s not supposed to look like she’s wearing makeup – she comes straight from the fictional, gritty Amazons, after all. Who has time to put their face on after a day of fighting off evildoers? So remember this: Natural is best. If you’re wearing too much makeup, it’ll show. Instead, go for a smoky eye and a light, simple lip color, rather than bold all over. And for day-to-day maintenance, Gadot’s routine mirrors her no-fuss, easygoing personality. “I make sure to clean my skin really well before I go to bed, I wear very light makeup in my day-to-day life, I go to cosmetician every once in a while, I wear sunscreen, and that’s it!