We believe that the journey to self discovery is led by inquiry, and that’s why our podcasts ask big questions and dissect complex topics by unpacking all things Jewish.

40 mins

Do you ever feel like you’re not living up to the expectations of others? Why is rejection so scary? What do you do when you just can’t bring yourself to say “I’m sorry”? This week, Noam sat with Professor Moshe Halbertal to examine the principles of forgiveness, the art of letting go, and The Shawshank Redemption.

44 mins

This week, Julia sits down with sports entertainer and founder of Girl at the Game, Gabrielle Starr. The two discuss gender discrimination in the sports industry while delving into the distinctly impact that sports have had on Jewish history in America.

48 mins

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in your own skin? Do the clothes you choose to wear matter? What does “dressing for success” really mean? This week hear what Noam and Chavie have to say about self expression through clothes, the fast fashion environmental crisis, and…string bikinis?

30 mins

This week, Julia sits down with Director of Community Engagement for the Anti-Defamation League, Carly Pildis. This podcast discusses the experience of career change—from politics to Jewish community work—while inpsiring the continued hope of passing on legacies between generations.

44 mins

Have you ever felt lonely? Is there really a secret to finding happiness? Does FOMO cause depression? This week join Noam and David as they discuss the pursuit of joy, the elements of happiness, and what their ideal happy places look like.

36 mins

This week, Julia sits down with former New York Times reporter on tech and internet culture, Nellie Bowles. This podcast discusses the experience of Jewish conversion. Nellie explains how Judaism has given her a unique and inspiring view of tech journalism.

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