Jewish Identity Crisis podcast

Jewish Identity Crisis

If you ask Isaac or Julia where they’re from, make sure you have have a few hours… As ‘mixed’ Jews, they live the experience of multi-cultural, diasporic Judaism, extending as far as Jewish History does—from the Middle East, to Iberia, to Eastern Europe, to the United States, to Latin America. But Julia and Isaac’s unique perspectives go farther than their ethnicity. As young and loud Jewish activists in a changing world, these two college students aim to find their place in society.

49 mins

Julia and Isaac are joined by Dr. Sheila Nazarian from the hit Netflix show “Skin Decision” to discuss the manifestation of Jewish identity in the workplace. Dr. Nazarian delves into her unique background growing up in the United States as a Jewish immigrant from Iran and contrasts her experience as a religious minority in both and Iran and the United States. As a famous TV personality and a Jewish activist, Dr. Nazarian explains how her relationship with Judaism manifests today in her life.

76 mins

Julia and Isaac sit down with Ofir Eden and Yonina Berman, two Israeli student activists, and have an honest dialogue about the misunderstandings between Diaspora Jews and Israeli Jews. Listen in as they touch on their daily experiences, politics, misconceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and more.

57 mins

Julia and Isaac go into the history and nuances of Ashkenormativity in Israel and the US as they see it, as well as their experiences with this issue in their personal lives.

33 mins

Co-Founders of Jewish on Campus, Sophie Frieden and Francesca Fedorovsky join us to talk about their journeys with Judaism and religion. Join us as we discuss the connection between religion and ethnicity, and navigating a secular world that de-centers spirituality.

42 mins

In this introductory episode, Isaac and Julia dive into their heritage and family history to explain their unique lens. They talk about their journey into the Jewish activism world, and touch on the University of Delaware Chabad fire which left so many in the Jewish community in shock.

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