Operation Thunderbolt: Who Gets the Credit?

The story of Entebbe is so complex, we’re back for another look at how this incredible mission played out. And it’s not necessarily what you’ve been told.

While Operation Thunderbolt has gone down as a defining moment of unity in Israeli history, the reality is somewhat different.

At the time, there were serious disagreements between Israel’s leaders Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres about how to deal with terrorists.

Since then, there have also been disagreements about what the mission involved (to shoot or not to shoot?) and even the actions of fallen hero Yoni Netanyahu.

So, who were the heroes of the Entebbe story, what were their roles and how should we remember these events 40 years later?

You can find this video on our YouTube channel Unpacked.
You can find this video on our YouTube channel Today Unpacked.

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