Jewish and single on Valentine’s Day? Read this!

If the day of love has you aching to meet your match, Feb. 14 might actually be the ideal day to get swiping.
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It’s that time of year again — you know, the one when your Jewish mother (and the entire world) makes you feel extra guilty about being single.

When it comes to flying solo on Valentine’s Day, we’re all for staying in and tuning out the world (I mean it’s not like it’s a Jewish holiday anyway) or taking yourself on a solo date and embracing the independence, but if the day of love has you aching to meet your match, Feb. 14 might actually be the ideal day to get swiping.

“If someone’s responding to your Lox Club messages on V-day, you’re mutually thirsty. The stars have aligned. Embrace it,” says Austin Kevitch, Co-Founder & CEO of Lox Club, a private members-only dating app for Jews with “ridiculously high standards.”

Valentine’s Day is the best day of the year for online dating, he says.

“If someone is matching with you, they’re extra, extra down. And so are you. Have fun!”

“The only rules are that there are no rules,” adds Kevitch, just don’t be cringey.

“Since the day is already branded as so romantic, don’t try to be romantic. It will come off as too much,” Kevitch advises about messaging etiquette.

“If it’s a first date, acknowledge the awkwardness of the situation and then treat it as you would any other date… Don’t take it so seriously. It’s just another day, right? Make fun of it together.”

Here’s Kevitch’s guide for being single on Valentine’s Day:

Don’t: Feel pressure to go on a date

“Yes, we’re a dating app and kinda hurting ourselves by saying this,” says Kevitch. “But you can have just as much fun watching a rom-com and drinking wine with some single friends (or a nice solo bath!).”

Do: Plan ahead if you want to go on a date. 

“If you wait until the last minute, every decent spot will be booked (shocker), and you’ll have to eat at the run-down Italian place on the corner that no one actually likes,” warns Kevitch. “Then you’ll get food poisoning… Learned this the hard way.”

Don’t: Make it weird

“If you do go on a date, don’t bring flowers. For the love of God. Don’t make it weird,” says Kevitch. 

Do: Embrace the awkwardness

“Pop open a bottle of wine and cringe about V-day together,” he says. “It’s highly encouraged.”

Don’t: Be annoying

Lastly, Kevitch has one request for those who are not single. 

“If you already have a partner, please, I beg of you, spare us the lovey dovey Instagram posts. Most likely anyone seeing it is sitting home alone on their phone. Appreciate your partner in private.”

“Don’t comment 3 heart emojis on your taken friends’ couple posts.” he adds. “It’ll encourage them.”

Do: Laugh about it

Instead of posting ‘cringey’ couple stuff, use social media to lighten the mood. 

“Post funny screenshots of your parents texting/giving you shit about being single,” encourages Kevitch. 

“Tag @loxclub (and @jewishunpacked) so we can entertain ourselves. It’s gonna be a long night.”

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