I Can’t Believe It’s Not Chametz — Your Favorite Dishes Made Kosher for Passover

Bet you never thought some of these dishes could be chametz free! Well, these are not your everyday kosher for Passover recipes.
So much matzah, so little time to eat it. (Photo: spindexr/Flickr)

The last year has been tough, and with passover around the corner it’s time to start thinking about how to survive without bread, pasta, and cake — all the staples that have gotten us through the pandemic blues. But don’t stress, we’ve got you covered.  

Here are 8 of your favorite dishes made deliciously kosher for Passover – one for each day! 


Yes, you heard that right! Don’t throw out that cream cheese and lox just yet, because this passover you can have everything — get it? Check out this straightforward Passover bagel recipe! Use your bagel base for breakfast, a sandwich, or even a midnight snack.


It’s your go-to Israeli classic. Eat it alone, in a sandwich or even cut it up into a salad- you don’t need to give up this breaded chicken goodness this year. Here’s how to make it kosher for Passover.

Fudgy Brownies

Dessert single-handedly carried me through 2020. So the thought of having to relinquish some of my faves this Passover just won’t fly. Sometimes a warm, fudgy brownie is just what the doctor ordered, right? Here’s a chametz-free recipe for Passover!

Matzah Pizza

This one is a classic, I know. Who didn’t grow up eating matzah pizza for lunch every day of Passover? But this year, I’m not talking about just your textbook sauce and cheese pizza. Level up your matzah pizza game with sophisticated topping combinations. Did I hear brie, apple, and balsamic? How’s that for a spiced up version of your favorite classic?.

Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is next level comfort food. Especially when you can’t have the real-deal, this kosher for Passover version will really hit the spot. 


On the topic of pasta dishes I can’t live without… Here’s an irresistible kosher for Passover recipe for lasagna two different ways! It’s filling and packed with fresh veggies. You wouldn’t even realize this is Passover friendly.

Apple Cake

What’s that one dish you wish was kosher for Passover? For me, it’s cinnamon buns. Luckily, I’ve hit the jackpot with this apple cake which has that same gooey, buttery feel. You’ll never have to sacrifice that sweet tooth on Passover again with this delicious kosher for Passover apple cake recipe. 


Now this one seems hard to believe, right? Unfortunately, since beer is made from wheat and barley, it has traditionally been deemed not kosher for Passover. BUT, all hope is not lost. Meadan Craft Brewery, an Israeli company, makes gluten free beers using dates. Now this is what I call a game changer.

Want to try and create your own Passover dupe? Here’s a handy list of substitutions.

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