Finished ‘Beauty Queen of Jerusalem’? Here are 7 shows about Israel to watch next

Cast of Beauty Queen of Jerusalem.

Here are some Israeli shows about Jewish communities that will get you just as hooked as “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem.”

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Since the show’s premiere in 2019, Shtisel has captivated the hearts and minds of Jews and non-Jews alike. (Bonus, “Beauty Queen” actor Michael Aloni stars in Shtisel!)

Shtisel follows a Haredi family living in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The series chronicles the lives of the Ultra-Orthodox Shtisel family and their unique personal struggles dealing with love and loss. What distinguishes Shtisel from any other standard television drama is that it invites viewers into the insular Haredi world, and it does so with the principles of authenticity, respect and love for a community at the forefront of the show’s plot.

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Luna Mansour, who is in “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem,” also acts in the hit Israeli show Fauda. The show tells the story of Doron, a commander in of a mista’arvim unit, and his team. Mista’aravim is the name given to counter-terrorism units of the Israel Defense Forces, Israel Border Police, and Israel Police who operate undercover. These units are specifically trained to assimilate among the local Arab population.

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The Baker and the Beauty

Lehiyot Ita (The Baker and the Beauty) is one of the most popular series in Israel. Now, fans are in luck because the romantic dramedy, which has been on hiatus since 2017, is back for a third season!

Created by notable Israeli television host, Assi Azar, the show originally aired in 2013 and quickly became one of the highest-rated series in Israel. Lehiyot Ita means ‘to be with her’ in Hebrew but the series was called The Baker and the Beauty for the English subtitled version.

Since its release, The Baker and the Beauty has inspired multiple adaptations and remakes, including an American version produced by Keshet Studios and Universal Television for ABC.

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Autonomies (Amazon Prime)

From the creators of Shtisel, Ori Elon and Yehonatan Indursky, Autonomies is a dystopian drama miniseries. The show is set in an alternate reality of present-day Israel. It depicts Israel as a nation divided by a wall into the secular “State of Israel”, with Tel Aviv as its capital, and the “Haredi Autonomy” in Jerusalem, run by an ultra-Orthodox religious group.

Srugim (Amazon Prime)

Srugim chronicles the lives of five Dati Leumi (religious Zionist) singles, in their 30’s, living in Jerusalem. It gives viewers an insider look into the experiences of Modern Orthodox Jews in contemporary Israel. The title is a reference to the knitted kippah’s worn by Modern Orthodox Jewish men.

Kipat Barzel (Apple TV and Prime Video)

Commandments (Kipat Barzel) is an Israeli drama series that follows the lives of three ultra-Orthodox IDF soldiers, as they serve in the army despite communal taboos.

Matir Agunot

Unchained (Matir Agunot) is a completely fictional take on a very real problem in the Jewish world. 

It follows Rabbi Yosef Morad (played by well-known Israeli actor, Aviv Alush). Morad is an employee of the Rabbinical Courts whose job it is to convince get-refusers to agree to divorce their wives by giving a halakhic writ of divorce—the get.

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