Best kosher for Passover wines for every budget

You don’t need to break the bank this year to enjoy a delicious, Israeli, kosher for Passover wine at your seder.
It's a mitzvah to drink 4 glasses of wine on Passover. (Photo: davedugdale/flickr)

You don’t need to break the bank this year to enjoy a delicious, Israeli, kosher for Passover wine at your seder. We spoke with wine expert and CEO of Wine on the Vine, Adam Bellos, to give you his top five wines that will give you the best bang for your buck this Passover.

Tabor Mt. Merlot 2018 [Courtesy: IsraWines]

Tabor Mt. Merlot 2018

Price: Around $17 USD

The Tabor Winery is located in Israel’s Galilee, where the Merlot grapes in this wine were thoughtfully grown and harvested to maintain their natural aroma and flavours. This Merlot is fresh and fruity, with notes of red cherry, currants and a hint of black pepper.

Tulip Cabernet Sauvignon [Courtesy: IsraWines]

Tulip Cabernet Sauvignon 

Price: Around $25 USD

Tulip Winery, located in the Upper Galilee, is one of the best boutique wineries in Israel, says Bellos. “Just try their regular cabernet sauvignon and you won’t disagree.” This small-production wine is aged in premium French oak barrels for 8 months to create a deep purple wine with complex blackberry flavors. 

Jezreel Valley Adumim

Jezreel Valley Adumim [Courtesy: IsraWines]

Price: Around $27 USD

The Jezreel Valley Adumim is a personal favourite of Bellos. “It’s something I would give to someone who only drinks $100 bottles, and someone who has never had a glass of wine before. It’s just that good and simple.” Each component of this wine is aged separately for 14 to 16 months before being blended and spending another two months in an oak barrel. You can expect black cherry, lavender and juniper berry flavors.

Shiloh Mosaic [Courtesy: IsraWines]

Shiloh Mosaic

Price: Around $65 USD

“This feels like a bottle you want to drink all the time but wouldn’t be able to afford. It’s absolutely amazing,” says Bellos. Mosaic is Shiloh Winery’s flagship wine. It’s a blend of 40% Merlot, 25% Petit Verdot, 14% Cabernet Franc and 21% Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged for a period of 20-months in French barrels, creating intense fruit aromas, along with black raspberry, roasted coffee beans, and cacao.

Tulip Black

Price: Around $70 USD

“Tulip Black is a blend of Tulip Winery’s finest grapes,” says Bellos, “It’s definitely worth the price.” This is a full-bodied Bordeaux-style blend with flavors of black currant, cassis, black cherries, tart blackberries, with hints of dark chocolate.

Check out Bellos’s live video review of Tulip Black!

Jezreel Reserve Icon [Courtesy: IsraWines]

Jezreel Reserve Icon

Price: Around $85 USD

This is Jezreel’s premier wine, made from the highest rated barrels from each vintage. This is a great option for a slightly pricier, high-end wine, says Bellos. It’s complex, aromatic, wonderfully balanced with a long lingering finish.

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